Corfu Airport (Main Office) - 49100, GREECE Greece
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Corfu Airport (Main Office) - 49100, GREECE Greece
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Covid-19 Policy

In order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, we enhanced the cleaning techniques used for our vehicles. Each one of our cars is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by our washing team before and after each rental.

Our washing team uses all the available means to clean and sanitize our cars:

  • Vacuum the interior space(front-back-luggage compartment)
  • Wash exterior of the vehicle
  • Sanitizer is used to clean the interior of the car
  • Quality checked is performed

Upon every delivery to the customer, all key points in the car (steering wheel, gearbox, handbrake) are covered by a protective layer which is removed by the representative at the time of the delivery.

Our staff always uses face masks and hand sanitisers and performs self-tests 2 times a week.

For a safe journey, we encourage you to visit the website of the public protection

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